• “My daughter, Trudy Minbashian,  just passed her driving test first time !!
    Thank you very much for all the hard work you have done with her.
    Trudy was very impressed with her driving instructor and she has learned a lot”.

    Margaretha Roele
  • “The experience I have had with Drive Maxx has been absolutely wonderful. The classroom portion was extremely informative, the instructors were wonderful, and it was a really positive and safe atmosphere. I did my lessons with Harry, and he was fantastic! He was so patient and calm, and he would always make sure to revisit things I needed to work on until I corrected them, so I felt comfortable with everything. I got my G2 on my first attempt, and I really owe it all to Drive Maxx and Harry especially!”

  • “The Program is extremely helpful in learning the rules and regulations of the roads. I learned so much and felt very excited to continue to my in car lessons. Also the price of your program is the best that I have seen anywhere and you certainly get your money’s worth. There was a great deal of patience while doing my in car lessons and I gained the proper skills to comfortably take my G2 test. Overall I would without a doubt recommend Drive Maxx to anyone looking to do driving school because my experience has been so wonderful!”

    Kaitie Riddell
  • “I got my G2 in first attempt. Classroom and driving part were fun. I will certainly call my instructor when I  will go for my G test”.

    Iris Mendoza
  • At the age of 35, I thought it was too late to learn driving. But patience and teaching skills of my instructor proved me wrong. I passed my road test and surprised my husband and friends. I would recommend Drive Maxx to anyone who wants to become a good driver. It is not about passing road test alone, It is to becoming a confident driver”.

    Marija Ludosan
  • “The concept of driving was clearly explained with proper visual demonstrations. I also appreciate their flexibility of in-car and in-class sessions. I would recommend this school to anyone. It was a great experience with great results”.

    Kennisha Dixon
  • “I was very skeptical doing in classroom part. But it turned out to be very interesting. I learnt a lot through interactive learning and classroom discussions. Videos were excellent and classroom atmosphere was friendly. Had great fun. I can’t wait to start my driving part”.

    Melba Maclalad
  • “My instructor was Shaun. He is really good at what he is doing. He was very effective in delivering instructions and driving manoeuvers in simple and practical way. I have recommended this school to my friends’.

    Veronica Rodriguez
  • “Hello I thought I should let you know that your student has successfully driven from Toronto to Pittsburgh to Washington and back. Thank you for your patience and excellent training”

  • “I took my driving lessons with Harry. He is a great instructor. He would identify problems very quickly and instruct in a very professional way to correct them. I was very nervous as I started, but today I am a very confident driver”.

    Relly Padilla
  • “It  was a great experience being a student at Drive Maxx. As the name implies, they give maximum practice behind the wheel. My instructor was always on time without failing. I learnt a lot of things I did not know in the classroom. I am very happy that I joined this school. I already got my G2″.

    Richmond Radam
  • ” This driving school is a best place to learn driving. The instructors are highly professional and very friendly. I recommend this school to everyone who want to learn driving in a short period of time”.

    Gerrardo Stillo
  • Drive Maxx has amazing learning atmosphere. The classroom sessions were highly informative and interesting. I learned all the driving skills in first five lessons and the rest was practice and re-practice until I mastered them. I got my licence in first try”.

    Madison Kelly
  • “My experience with Drive Maxx has been very positive. I was looking for a driving school in Toronto  that would make me feel comfortable while maintaining professionalism. My driving instructor made me feel at ease and supported me all the way to getting my G2 licence. I highly recommend Drive Maxx Driving School. It is one of the best”

    Michelle Ripley

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